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Sports Fishing

Want to try something new? If you have a braver heart, you should try our saltwater fishing activities. It might be scary to go to the deeper part of the sea, but that is fine. Capt. Ron Jones will guide you. As veterans in the field, we will watch you. Our methods are friendly, even to amateurs. Who says that you need to become a pro just to try this activity? Even before masters have gained their title, they became an amateur first. Let us give you an amazing fishing experience in North Fort Myers, FL worth remembering for.

Get out from the shell

You would only live once. The more you age, the more your activities and actions would be limited. While you could still move, try sports fishing. As for your safety, there is nothing you should be worried about. Our sport fishing boats are well maintained. Let us show you new things. Expand your world. Meet some great creatures in the sea. First class knowledge will always be accompanied by experience.

What fishing is all about?

It takes courage, patience, and most importantly, luck to do sports fishing. If you don’t have any of those, you might find it hard to have to step foot on the sea. Actually, fishing is like living. You need those three qualities too to become the top predator in the world. Before mastering the art of catching fishes, you need to have a guide. And that is what we could help you with. We are very knowledgeable and familiar with the area. Leave the steering to us.

Why work with us?

Our saltwater fishing boats are ready to go. We will teach you a lot of saltwater fishing techniques and tricks. On top of giving competitive service rates, we are very friendly and approachable. With our years of experience, you could trust us for a safe trip. Your satisfaction and happiness matter to us.

If you want to know our fishing calendar, call Capt. Ron Jones at (239) 932-8177. We are based in North Fort Myers, FL.

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