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How to Tip the Staff of Your Fishing Charter

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Gratuities on fishing boats used to be optional but nowadays they are more or less expected by the staff. Many crew members earn the bulk of their livelihood through tips and they are ready to put in the work to impress their clients. If you have booked a fishing charter for the first time and you aren’t sure about the gratuities that you should give, keep reading to learn more on the matter. Also, remember that if the service is bad it is within your right to withhold some or all of the crew tips.

Typical Gratuities During a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

The customary tip for a fishing charter is 15 to 20% of the overall sum. Basically, $100 for every $500 you spend. However, if the crew has gone above and beyond its call of duty, you can choose to leave a large gratuity to show your appreciation of their work.

The Caught Fish Shouldn’t Be a Factor

Some people link tipping to the amount of fish they catch. They believe that catching a lot of fish is a testament to the crew’s hard work and effort to get fish in, bait new lines, and fillet it back on the dock. However, fish not biting isn’t a sign that the captain and his shipmates aren’t doing their job correctly and accordingly. Unfortunately, there are days where the fish take the better of the fisher and that is why it is called sport fishing and not catching. Always judge the crew’s performance by their commitment and rigor.

Factors to Consider When Tipping

No matter how much fish you have caught, take the time to evaluate the following factors before you decide on the sum of the gratuity.

  • Did the captain move the boat around in search of fish?
  • Did the crew try different techniques to lure fish?
  • Were you provided different types of equipment and bait?

If the answer is yes to all questions, then the captain and his crew have earned their tip and have most likely worked harder than on an average day.

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